ESAS is the international meeting of scientists to share recent developments, exchange ideas, explore new directions and initiate a possible collaboration in the atomic spectrometry area. Leading scientists and researchers will be invited to present their most up-to-date results on this conference, to exchange exciting ideas and experiences as well as look into future development.

The XXth Slovak-Czech Spectroscopic Conference (XXth SCSC) is proceeding with a long term scientific cooperation between both spectroscopic societies. The meetings organized by the Czechoslovak spectroscopic society in the past and the continuation in the tradition of the national Slovak and Czech spectroscopic conferences now continue as joint events (XIXth Slovak-Czech spectroscopic conference, 2008, Častá-Papiernička, Slovakia). The last 14th Czech-Slovak spectroscopic conference took place in Litomyšl (Czech Republic) in 2010. The aim of the XXth SCSC is to bring together experts from universities, academia, official centers, various laboratories, and industry on a world-wide scale, to summarize the current progress in different areas of spectroscopy and the trends in the applications such as chemical, environmental, geological, biological, food, pharmaceutical and industrial materials and to stimulate contacts and mutual exchange of experiences and ideas.


  • Spectroscopy and spectrometry: theory, techniques, trends, development and applications in the analysis of the chemical, environmental, geological, biological, food, pharmaceutical, industrial and other materials

  • Atomic spectrometry (AAS, AFS, OES, etc.)

  • Molecular spectroscopy (UV-VIS, NMR, Raman, IR, etc.)

  • X-ray spectrometry (EDS, WDS, XRF, PIXE, XANES, EXAFS, etc.)

  • Mass spectrometry (ICP MS, ESI MS, MALDI, LC-MS, GC-MS, TIMS, SIMS, etc.)

  • Instrumental radioanalytical methods (Gamma spectroscopy, NAA, etc.)

  • Mössbauer spectroscopy

  • Laser spectroscopy

  • Synchrotron techniques

  • Special spectroscopy techniques

  • Sample preparation and introduction techniques

  • Trace and ultratrace analysis

  • Speciation analysis

  • Quality of measurements and metrology


The programme of this meeting will consist of 30 min invited lectures, oral (20 min) and poster presentations. The allocated times include also the discussion. Emphasis will be put not only on the presentation of the latest scientific achievements, new technologies, and instrumentation but also on applications and utilization of spectroscopy in different fields of a practical life. English, Slovak and Czech will be official languages of the conference. Invited lectures and oral presentations given in Slovak or Czech should be visualised in English. A data projector will be available. Posters (90x120cm) should be prepared in English.



Honorary lecturers

Karol Flórián (Slovakia)


Tibor Kántor (Hungary)


Eduard Plško (Slovakia)


Bohuslav Strauch (Czech Republic)




Yaroslav Bazeľ (Slovakia)

Ernest Beinrohr (Slovakia)

Miroslav Boča (Slovakia)

Ewa Bulska (Poland)

Tomáš Černohorský (Czech Republic)

Jiří Dědina (Czech Republic)

Bohumil Dočekal (Czech Republic)

Detlef Günther (Switzerland)

Michal Holčapek (Czech Republic)

Josef Humlíček (Czech Republic)

Viktor Kanický (Czech Republic)

Tibor Kántor (Hungary)

Viliam Krivan (Germany)

Tibor Liptaj (Slovakia)

Marek Liška (Slovakia)

Pavel Matějka (Czech Republic)

Marcel Miglierini (Slovakia)

Peter Mojzeš (Czech Republic)

Martin Sabo (Slovakia)

Reiner Salzer (Germany)

Gerhard Schlemmer (Germany)

Jozef Sitek (Slovakia)

Blanka Vlčková (Czech Republic)

Margaretha de Loos-Vollebregt (Netherlands)

Gyula Záray (Hungary)