Sunday, October 07, 2012


14.00-22.00    Registration

18.00-20.00    Dinner

20.00-22.00    Get together and Welcome “bottle” party


Monday, October 08, 2012


07.00-10.00    Breakfast

08.30-20.00    Registration

08.30-20.00    Installation of posters (Poster session I)

08.30-09.00    Opening ceremony


Chairpersons: E. Bulska, V. Kanický, M. Miglierini

09.00-09.30    T. Kántor History of ESAS and related meetings: a personal view

09.30-10.00    E. Plško Some personal recollections concerning the development of spectroscopy in Slovakia

10.00-10.30    B. Strauch From history of Czechoslovak and JMM Spectrosopic Society

10.30-11.00    K. Flórián 50 years of atomic spectroscopy on TU in Košice, celebrating his 60th anniversary: past – presence and future perspectives


11.00-11.30    Coffee/Tea break



Chairperson: G. Záray

11.30-12.00    R. Salzer Spectroscopic imaging of biological samples

12.00-12.30    E. Bulska Atomic and mass spectrometry in clinical applications

12.30-13.00    M. Holčapek Comprehensive lipidomic characterization of biological samples using LC-MS



Chairperson: J. Humlíček

11.30-12.00    B. Vlčková Cooperation between plasmonic nanoparticles generation by laser ablation and SERS spectroscopy

12.00-12.30    P. Mojzeš Kinetic studies on the formation of SERS-active systems

12.30-13.00    P. Matějka The influence of temperature on surface-enhanced vibrational spectra: how significantly does it affect spectral data obtained?


13.00-14.30    Lunch



Chairperson: B. Dočekal

14.30-15.00    G. Schlemmer Academic versus industrial research and development: A view on today´s enhancements in optical atomic spectroscopy

15.00-15.20    D. Katskov The application of low resolution continuum source electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry for simultaneous multi-element analysis of underground water

15.20-15.40    Z. Kowalewska Determination of nickel in non-decomposed organic samples using graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry: new outlook on old problems

15.40-16.00    A. Alajtal Determination of some inorganic metals in olive and vegetable oils by atomic absorption spectrophotometry

16.00-16.20    E. Baranyai Trace element level in whole and protein separated blood serum of patients with Systemic lupus erythematosus and Syögren syndrome



Chairperson: P. Matějka

14.30-15.00    J. Humlíček Resonances of infrared local fields and negative-refraction in anisotropic metamaterials

15.00-15.20    K. Šišková SERRS spectral behavior of modified Tollens method prepared Ag nanoparticles and the effect of HCl

15.20-15.40    I. Šloufová Resonance Raman and surface-enhanced resonance Raman excitation profiles of [Fe(tpy)2]2+ on Ag nanoparticle surfaces

15.40-16.00    M. Člupek Advanced chemometric models for evaluation of SERS spectroscopic data describing the influences of the metal and excitation wavelength

16.00-16.20    M. Kokošková Surface-modified luminescence and SERRS excitation profiles of Ru(II) (bpy)2(dcbpy) complex chemisorbed on Ag nanoparticles


16.20-16.50    Coffee/Tea break



Chairperson: G. Schlemmer

16.50-17.20    B. Dočekal Direct solid sampling electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry – why and how? – A personal view

17.20-17.50    V. Krivan Performance comparison of potential routine solid sampling methods for bulk analysis of high and ultrahigh purity materials

17.50-18.10    V. Vojteková Z-GFAAS with variable magnetic field in the solution and solid sample analysis

18.10-18.30    K. Elsherif Direct and simultaneous determination of Bi, Sb and Cd in biological samples by multi-element graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometer



Chairperson: R. Salzer

16.50-17.20    M. Boča X ray photoelectron spectroscopy as a tool for identification of fluorine atoms with different bonding properties

17.20-17.50    M. Liška Glass structure study by Raman spectroscopy combined with thermodynamic modeling

17.50-18.10    I. Němec Molecular crystals for non-linear optics - vibrational spectroscopic aspects

18.10-18.30    I. Matulková Phase transitions in novel NLO materials – vibrational and diffraction study (in Czech)


18.30-20.00    Dinner

20.00-22.00    Poster session I with Slovak beer tasting


Tuesday, October 09, 2012


07.00-10.00    Breakfast

09.00-20.00    Registration

09.00-20.00    Installation of posters (Poster session II)



Chairperson: E. Beinrohr

09.00-09.30    J. Dědina Progress in trace elemental and speciation analysis based on volatile species generation with atomic absorption/fluorescence detection

09.30-09.50    J. Kratzer In-atomizer trapping of hydrides for AAS – last advances

09.50-10.00    R. Cibula iCAP-Q – new dimension in ICP/MS spectrometry (in Slovak)

10.00-10.20    Š. Eichler Speciation analysis of selenium in urine by HPLC and ICP/MS hyphenation (in Czech)

10.20-10.40    K. Mališová Speciation analysis of mercury in terrestrial plants and food of plant origin (in Czech)



Chairperson: B. Vlčková

09.00-09.30    J. Sitek Present state of Mössbauer spectroscopy applications

09.30-10.00    M. Miglierini Mössbauer spectrometry of iron in biological tissues

10.00-10.20    L. Machala Mössbauer spectroscopy in studying of thermal decomposition of iron containing compounds

10.20-10.40    E. Plško Assignment of a chemical property to the value of a spectroscopic analytical signal (in Slovak)


10.40-11.10    Coffee/Tea break



Chairperson: J. Dědina

11.10-11.40    E. Beinrohr Electrochemical hydride generation for atomic spectroscopy

11.40-12.00    H. Matusiewicz Ultrasonic nabulization/dual-mode sample introduction system for the determination of metal volatile species in analytical samples by microwave induced plasma spectrometry (USN/MSIS-CVG-MIP-OES)

12.00-12.20    T. Matoušek Arsenic speciation analysis at (ultra)trace levels by hydride generation and/or HPLC with ICP MS detection – pros, cons and principal limitations of individual approaches

12.20-12.40    J. Hraníček A determination of gold by electrochemical generation of volatile form with quartz atomizer-AAS detection (optimization and characterization)

12.40-13.10    H. Gleisner Determination of fluorine using high-resolution continuum source molecular absorption spectrometry (HR CS MAS)

13.10-13.20    M. Zavadil Elemental analysis in the industry and research (in Czech)



Chairperson: V. Krivan

11.10-11.40    M. de Loos-Vollebregt Electrothermal vaporization plasma emission and mass spectrometry

11.40-12.00    K. Flórián Solid-sampling atomic spectroscopic determination of impurity elements in catalysts based on Pd with various supports (in Slovak)

12.00-12.20    J. Schram Determination of rare earth elements in electronic waste using ICP-OES spectrometry

12.20-12.40    A. Krejčová The efficiency of the ICP-OES introduction systems

12.40-13.00    M. Zeiner ICP-AES determination of selected nutrients in Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa) berries and infusions

13.00-13.20    M. Kröppl Plant nutrients in different grain size fractions of biomass fly ashes         


13.20-14.50    Lunch



Chairperson: M. de Loos-Vollebregt

14.50-15.20    T. Černohorský TOF-ICP-MS spectrometry – historical overview and latest developments

15.20-15.40    L. Husáková Multi-elemental analysis of milk by ICP-oa-TOF-MS after matrix modification by oxalic and nitric acid

15.40-16.00    I. Urbanová Elimination of chloride interferences in ICP-oa-TOF-MS analysis

16.00-16.20    M. Reijnen Understand interferences within the application needs

16.20-16.40    M. Elbagermi Biomonitoring of heavy metals using soft drinks from Misurata City – Libya

16.40-17.00    R. Koplík Trace metals and phosphorus speciation in digested food: a way of elements’ availability estimation? (in Czech)



Chairperson: M. Boča

14.50-15.20    M. Sabo Using corona discharge ion mobility-mass spectrometry for monitoring of volatile organic compounds

15.20-15.40    M. Michl Plasmonics in fluorescence spectroscopy

15.40-16.00    F. Sohbatzadeh Spectroscopic characterization of atmospheric pressure plasma plum regarding geometrical aspects

16.00-16.20    U. Oppermann Characterization and quantification of TiO2-nano particles in body care products using laser diffraction and ICP-OES spectrometry

16.20-16.40    L. Novosád Behaviour of analytical spectral lines emitted by plasma pencil operated in a continuous and in a pulsed mode

16.40-17.00    A. Hrdlička Influence of analyzed solutions on the plasma pencil discharge (in Czech)


18.00-20.00    Dinner

20.00-22.00    Poster session II with Slovak wine tasting


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


07.00-10.00    Breakfast

08.00-18.00    Excursion to Skalnaté pleso and Lomnický štít astronomical observatory

09.00-20.00    Registration

09.00-20.00    Installation of posters (Poster session III)

12.00-14.00    Lunch or packed lunch

18.00-20.00    Dinner

20.00-22.00    Poster session III with Slovak spirit/liquor tasting


Thursday, October 11, 2012


07.00-10.00    Breakfast

09.00-20.00    Registration



Chairperson: J. Schram

09.00-09.30    D. Günther New capabilities in laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry

09.30-09.50    B. Wagner Analytical strategy for multi-elemental laser ablation ICP MS investigations of pigments from unique, historical objects

09.50-10.10    T. Vaculovič Laser ablation in analytical chemistry (in Czech)

10.10-10.30    V. Helán Tenders for laboratory equipment (in Czech)



Chairperson: H. Dočekalová

09.00-09.30    Y. Bazeľ Development of new sample pretreatment techniques before spectrometric detection

09.30-09.50    I. Hagarová Surfactant-based extractions: application to ultratrace determination of metals

09.50-10.10    M. Tüzen Solid phase extraction of lead and copper on a novel block copolymer disk and flame atomic absorption spectrometric determination of its in water and food samples

10.10-10-30    L. Macháčková The possibilities of toxic elements trace analysis in natural waters by combination of atomic spectrometry methods with a sample preparation techniques (in Slovak)


10.30-11.00    Coffee/Tea break



Chairperson: T. Černohorský

11.00-11.30    V. Kanický Laser-assisted plasma spectrometry techniques – development and applications

11.30-11.50    T. Kratochvíl The use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for the quantitative analysis of fluorine

11.50-12.10    K. Novotný Simultaneous system of DP-LIBS and laser ablation ICP-OES (in Czech)



Chairperson: J. Sitek

11.00-11.30    T. Liptaj Residual dipolar couplings constants in NMR

11.30-11.50    J. Posta A new spectrometric method and instrument to follow thermal processes

11.50-12.10    P. Lubal Development of optical chemical sensors/sensor arrays


12.10-14.00    Lunch

14.00-19.30    Excursion to Kežmarok

20.00-24.00    Conference dinner (banquet) with live music band and prizes giving


Friday, October 12, 2012


07.00-10.00    Breakfast

09.00-12.00    Registration



Chairperson: D. Günther

09.00-09.30    T. Kántor Laser ablation ICP-MS: interpreting the effects of increasing carrier gas flow rate

09.30-09.50    T. Warchilová Study of molten fluoride salts treatment on metallic samples by means of LA-ICP-MS

09.50-10.10    K. Štěpánková Comparison study of laser ablation based methods for analysis of kidney stones

10.10-10.30    N. Gardenová Determination of major and trace elements in natural silicate minerals using LA-ICP-MS



Chairperson: S. Akman

09.00-09.30    G. Záray Aerosol studies in urban environment

09.30-09.50    O. Zvěřina Mercury associated with size-fractionated urban particulate matter: three years of sampling in Prague, Czech Republic

09.50-10.10    A. Kleckerová Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) as bioindicator for urban metal pollution (in Czech)

10.10-10.30    L. Bednárová Antibacterial peptides from eusocial bee Halictus sexcinctus interacting with model membranes (in Czech)


10.30-11.00    Coffee/Tea break



Chairperson: M. Liška

11.00-11.20    O. Dogan Measurement of the fluorescence cross sections of YBCO superconductor materials using EDXRF technique

11.20-11.40    M. Ozcan Evaluation of calibration techniques in the determination of Pb in glass samples by direct solid sampling atomic absorption spectrometry

11.40-12.00    A. Plško Quantitative analysis of oxide glasses by X-ray fluorescence analysis (in Slovak)



Chairperson: R. Koplík

11.00-11.20    B. Dočekal Diffusive gradients in thin film (DGT) technique in characterization of environmental systems

11.20-11.40    M. Gregušová Characterization of atmospheric particulate matter by diffusive gradient in thin film (DGT) technique

11.40-12.00    H. Dočekalová Diffusive gradient in thin films technique for assessment of copper bioavailability to radish (Raphanus sativus) (in Czech)


12.00-12.30    Closing ceremony with prizes giving

12.30-14.00    Lunch



Monday, October 08, 2012, 20.00 – 22.00

Chairpersons: K. Flórián, T. Kántor, E. Plško, B. Strauch

P-01  S. Akman A new approach for the determination of fluorine in water samples via molecular absorption of barium mono-fluoride using HR CS ETAAS

P-05  A.A. Asweisi A new cross-shaped graphite furnace for reduction of interferences in atomic absorption spectrometry

P-06  N.R. Bader Determination of trace amounts of cadmium by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after pre-concentration using silica gel coated with Schiff’s bases

P-13  S. Cadore Optimization of meat sample pretreatment by factorial design for cadmium determination for the official food control

P-15  P. Coufalík The determination of mercury species using thermal desorption analysis in AAS

P-17  R. Červenka Determination of methylmercury in soil samples by GC-AFS

P-18  B. Demirata Ozturk Determination of sulphur dioxide and antioxidants in wine by spectroscopic methods

P-20  R. Dobrowolski Study of platinum adsorption onto modified SBA-15 with respect to analytical application

P-21  R. Dobrowolski Determination of bismuth in soils and sediments by slurry sampling GFAAS using chemical modifiers

P-25  A. Eswayah Heavy metal removal from aqueous solution using Libyan natural zeolite and activated carbon

P-26  M. Fehér Determination the elemental uptake of barramundi (Lates calcarifer) larvae fed by Co, Zn and Mn enriched Artemia nauplii using atomic absorption spectrometry

P-29  B. Godlewska-Żyłkiewicz Ultrasound assisted sequential extraction for determination of bioavailable fraction of cadmium and lead in soil by ETAAS - green sample pretreatment

P-32  I. Hagarová Coacervative extraction of lead from natural waters prior to its determination by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry

P-35  M. Hlodák Spectrometric assessment of phytoavailability and ecotoxicological effects of mercury in the soil-plant system (Hordeum vulgare L.) under laboratory conditions

P-42  Z. Jakubíková RTG fluorescence spectroscopy study of glass melting filter dust composition

P-44  N. Kamakura Determination of Cr(III), Cr(VI), and Cr(acac)3 in water by ion-exchange disks/metal furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

P-48  G. Khayatian Development of ultrasound-assisted emulsification solidified floating organic drop microextraction for determination of trace amount of iron and copper in water, food and rock samples

P-49  G. Khayatian Directly suspended droplet microextraction and determination of trace amount of iron and copper in water, fruit, vegetable and rock samples

P-52  M. Konečná Determination of trace metals in phthalocyanine-containing materials by atomic absorption spectrometry

P-56  J. Laštincová Proficiency testing in wine analysis

P-57  B. Leśniewska On-line SPE-FAAS method for determination of chromium in water samples

P-58  L. Macháčková Removal of heavy metals from the aqueous solutions and acid mine drainage at the Smolnik locality by Aspergillus niger wild type strains

P-59  A. Manová Electrochemical hydride generation atomic absorption spectrometry for the determination of some inorganic elements

P-60  S. Matějková Elemental analysis of systems based on gold nanoparticles using of X-ray fluorescence and inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectroscopy

P-61  P. Matúš Investigation of dissolved cationic aluminium species sorption on some nano-sized metal oxides for analytical purposes using atomic spectrometry methods

P-63  Z. Melichová The AAS analysis of selected toxic metals in natural waters and soils from an area affected by mining activities (Špania Dolina, Slovakia)

P-73  J. Pagáčová Quantitative analysis of B2O3 content in glasses by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

P-83  M. Rybínová Determination of selenium using photochemical volatile compounds generation coupled with atomic absorption spectrometer

P-90  J. Šrámková Elemental analysis of identification taggants by F-AAS using slurry sampling technique

P-95  V. Vojteková Sono-extractive isolation of metals from the solid sample matrix

P-96  A.N. Zacharia Graphite “filter-furnace” application at electrothermal atomic absorption analysis of some food and environmentals

P-97  E. Zambrzycka Determination of ruthenium in environmental samples by ETAAS after its separation on a new ion imprinted polymers



Tuesday, October 09, 2012, 20.00 – 22.00

Chairpersons: K. Flórián, T. Kántor, E. Plško, B. Strauch

P-02  V. Anan'ev Non-polarized light absorption in pure, doped with the nitrite ions, and photolyzed KNO3 crystals

P-07  D. Bauer Direct determination and quantification of sulphur species in solid fuels by ETV-ICP OES - economical and environmentally friendly

P-08  M.E.A. Benamar Selenium content in wheat and estimation of the selenium daily intake in different regions of Algeria

P-11  K. Boriová Quantification of bioaccumulation and biovolatilization processes using ICP OES and CV AAS

P-16  L. Čanecká Sorption study of P(V), As(V) and Sb(V) on Fe (oxy)hydroxides during the thermal transformation and change of their surface properties

P-22  R. Dobrowolski Direct determination of trace metals in suspension fertilizers by slurry introduction inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry

P-23  J.M. Dubrovkin Optimization of spectrochemical analysis of “white” multicomponent mixtures using direct calibration

P-24  J.M. Dubrovkin Estimation of the minimum uncertainity of quantitative spectrochemical analysis

P-28  K. Gardošová Selenium determination in two/three-component cultivation system (fungus/humic acid/mineral phase) by ICP OES

P-33  L. Havránek Spectroelectrochemical study of 4-aminobenzenethiol on copper, silver and gold: What is the role of the metal on the reactivity of the adsorbed species?

P-34  M. Heželová DC arc spectroscopic studies of evaporation processes of important elements in various Pd- based catalysts

P-36  G. Holéczyová Mono-standard calibration for analysis of solid environmental samples using SS-DCA-OES method

P-38  M. Huleihel Fourier transform infrared microspectroscopy (FTIR-M) as an effective tool for identification of virally infected cells and cells contaminated with bacteria or fungi

P-40  M. Chromčíková Thermodynamic model and Principal Component Analysis of Raman spectra of 15(Na2O,K2O).10(CaO,ZnO).75(ZrO2,SiO2) glasses

P-47  G. Keşan DFT, FT-IR and Raman investigations of 1-pyrrolidino-1-cyclopentene

P-51  M. Kokošková Surface-modified luminescence of Ru(II) polypyridine complexes

P-54  J. Kubová Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry used in sorption study of platinum and palladium onto nanometer sized titanium dioxide

P-62  I.V. Mazepa Distribution of manganese in the soil-water-plant in the zone of Burshtyn thermal power station

P-64  J. Mihalčová Determination of water content in oil with the application of FTIR spectrometry

P-66  C. Nadejde On the spectral behavior of rifampicin molecules in solutions and ferrofluids

P-67  C. Nadejde Molecular modeling and spectral investigation on some triphenyltetrazolium chloride derivatives

P-71  J. Ortyl Application of 5-phenyl-3-amino-2,4-dicyanobenzoates as spectroscopic probes for monitoring in real time photopolymerization processes

P-72  J. Ortyl Developing of fluorescence probes based on acenaphthene for monitoring of photopolymerization processes by fluorescence spectroscopy

P-74  C. Parlak Vibrational spectroscopic analysis of some Hofmann type complexes

P-78  P. Puliš Comparison of solid-sampling spectrographic and spectrometric method at their utilization for determination of impurity elements in Pd-C catalysts

P-80  D. Remeteiová Possibilities of modern spectrometric method (SS-DCA-OES) for the catalysts trace analysis: 2. Optimization of calibration

P-81  M. Rimár Reliability of determination of some analytes in oil by RD OES

P-82  S. Ružičková Possibilities of direct spectrometric method (SS-DCA-OES) for the catalysts trace analysis: 1. Optimization of evaporation

P-84  F. Sohbatzadeh Investigation of microwave plasmoid at atmospheric pressure by optical emission spectroscopy

P-85  F. Sohbatzadeh Investigation of additive gases to the argon gas on the plasma jet length in dielectric barrier discharge apparatus

P-91  E. Terpáková FTIR method as a guideline to study degradation of composite building materials

P-92  E. Terpáková The importance of multidisciplinary analytical approach to solving problems of biocorrosion in civil buildings

P-94  T. Vogt Direct determination of boron in silicon-materials by ETV-ICP OES - an easy way?




Wednesday, October 10, 2012, 20.00 – 22.00

Chairpersons: K. Flórián, T. Kántor, E. Plško, B. Strauch

P-03  M. Anguš Optical emission spectroscopy of PE and PE HF CVD process of carbon nanotubes growth

P-04  M. Anguš Study of hydrogen-argon helical RF discharge

P-09  E. Bencúrová Molecular analysis of possible ligands and receptors responsible for interaction between Francisella and brain microvascular endothelial cells

P-10  M. Bhide Development of simple and rapid elution methods for proteins from various affinity beads for their direct MALDI-TOF downstream application

P-12  R. Brodzka Determination of trace elements in quartz filters by LA-ICP-MS technique

P-14  W. Cegiełkowska Chemical and biological studies of the distribution and speciation of zinc in Plantago lanceolata L.

P-19  P. Diviš Application of ICP-MS and chemometrics for determination of the wine origin

P-27  M. Fišera Determination and speciation of arsenic compounds in fishes

P-30  M. Gregušová New modification of diffusive gradient in thin film technique (DGT) for determination of metals in sediments

P-31  Z. Grolmusová Stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry of water samples from Dunaj and Morava rivers in Bratislava, Slovakia

P-37  M. Horňáčková Determination of Si/Al molar ratio in microporous zeolites using calibration free laser induced breakdown

P-39  S. Hušková Provenance study of archeological raw material using LA-ICP-MS

P-41  D. Iwahata New metal tag reagent for highly selective and sensitive analyses of amino acids and dipeptides by LC-ICP-MS

P-43  B. Janasik Arsenic speciation in urine by HPLC-ICP-MS technique

P-45  A. Kaňa Software solution for post-column isotope dilution HPLC-ICP-MS

P-46  J. Karasiński On the use of chromatography followed by mass spectrometry for speciation of zinc in plants

P-50  M. Kociánová Elemental analysis of bentonites using CF-LIBS

P-53  A. Krata Effect of chemical form of mercury on the quality of results of mercury content in natural water by ICP-QMS

P-55  E. Kurek On the use of mass spectrometry for the investigation of biotransformation of selenium towards designing the functional food

P-65  M. Michalska-Kacymirow Analytical scenario for the investigation of biotransformations of selenium in plants

P-68  J. Návesník oaTOF-ICP-MS analysis of gadolinium in algae, surface and waste water

P-69  J. Návesník Multielemental analysis of horse hair by oaTOF-ICP-MS

P-70  H. Nováková ICP-MS for analysis of fish scales and otoliths of perch (Perca fluviatilis) and bream (Abramis brama)

P-75  I. Petry-Podgorska Bioanalytical ICP-MS method for quantification of potassium changes in the cells and supernatants after action of CyaA toxin

P-76  J. Pořízka Influence of the different farming systems on elemental content of Vitis vinifera and on antioxidant properties of wine

P-77  M. Průšová Elemental analyses of textile structures by LIBS

P-79  J. Rakovský Self-absorption effect used in multi layer plasma modeling for element density determination in LIBS analysis

P-86  M. Stanisławska Determination of chromium species in the workplace air using HPLC-ICP-MS technique

P-87  J. Sysalová Size-distribution and mobility assessment of Hg and other risk elements in urban particulate matter and amended soils

P-88  J. Száková Variability of total and mobile element contents in the ash after biomass combustion

P-89  A. Šípková Affinity of selected elements to individual fractions of organic matter

P-93  J. Tremlová Arsenic compounds in less common species of vegetable determined with HPLC-ICPMS