7. 10. 2012 20.00 h (Sunday) – Get together and Welcome “bottle” party (it is implies that each partcipant brings a good bottle of drink from his country).

10. 10. 2012 08.00 h (Wednesday)  – whole day cableway excursion to Skalnaté pleso and one of the highest peak in High Tatras - Lomnický štít (2634 m above sea level). The cableway trip to Lomnický štít, which will be proceeded in 14-member groups (maximum capacity of one cableway cabin from Skalnaté pleso to Lomnický štít) has two stages with one continuous cabin transfer on Skalnaté pleso: 1.) Tatranská Lomnica – Start – Skalnaté pleso and 2.) Skalnaté pleso – Lomnický štít. The stay on Lomnický štít, which is limited to 50 minutes, will be joined with a visit to the observatory of Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, where i. a. the spectral analysis of the solar corona is explored (the lecture tour is planned). During the return travel the individual stay on Skalnaté pleso is feasible with the possibility of sightseeing tour. The return from Skalnaté pleso to Tatranská Lomnica is also individual. Every participant with paid meals will be allowed to take the packed lunch at the breakfast. The obligatory enrolment, partition to Slovak-Czech and English spoken 14-member groups with exact departure time, excursion fee payment and information getting will be proceeded during the conference registration in Grandhotel Praha. The excursion fee (return cableway ticket) is 39 EUR, the Euro 26, ISIC, ITIC card holders and seniors born before 31. 12. 1951 have a discount price 32 EUR. The persons entitled to a discount price must show a valid identification document containing a photograph, name, date of birth and an official stamp. Every participant obtains two return tickets and one chip card, which must be given back to organizers in Grandhotel Praha. The partcipants get excursion fee in full amount back only in the case, that a cableway will be closed (at failures, abnormal wind speed, electrical energy dropout, etc.) and the excursion will be cancelled. The tickets for cableway DO NOT INCLUDE insurance for help of Mountain rescue team. The insurance can be bought in the infocentre in Tatranska Lomnica.

11. 10. 2012 14.00 h (Thursday) – excursion to the Kežmarok town (The royal town with more than seven centuries of existence is one of Slovakia's important urban heritage reservations.)

The excursion programme:

  • Visit of Kežmarok Castle

  • The Wooden articular church, organ concert (The national cultural monument from the year 1717. This church, along with seven other wooden churches of the Slovakia, has been included on the UNESCO's Word Heritage List in 2008)

  • The New evangelical church

  • Basilica Minor of the Holy Cross (the Gothic Roman Catholic church of the Holy Cross was granted the title of Basilica Minor in 1998 by Pope John Paul II)

11. 10. 2012 20.00 h (Thursday) - Conference dinner (banquet) with live music band and prizes giving.

Wellness and Spa in Grandhotel Praha - every day 7.00 - 8.30 and 15.00 - 21.00 - free of charge for participants accommodated in Grandhotel Praha.

Because of the reservation and purchasing of cableway tickets there is a need to express the preliminary interest in trip to Lomnický štít by e-mail to address till September 26, 2012. Anyway, for the booking of buses there is a need to express the preliminary interest in halfday excursion to Kežmarok (October 11, 2012, 14.00 h, Thursday), which is included in conference fee.

Please do not forget the winter dress, footwear and the swimwear.