Mössbauer Spectroscopy in Materials Science is a colloquium where present scientific activities and results will be discussed in an informal atmosphere. It continues the tradition of the previous events held in Kočovce (1994), Lednice (1996), Senec (1998), Velké Losiny (2000), Smolenice (2002), Všemina (2004), Kočovce (2006), Hlohovec u Břeclavi (2008), Liptovský Ján (2010), Olomouc (2012), and Hlohovec u Břeclavi (2014).

The main aim is to disseminate recent achievements from the field of Mössbauer effect techniques applied to materials studies. It should contribute to know-how transfer from leading scientists towards young researchers and Ph.D. students and to provide direct contact among experts with the aim to initiate possible mutual collaboration.